Additional services

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    We are able not only to listen to Clients, but also to effectively advise them in matters connected with transport, forwarding, or logistics. We create effective strategies, subsequently applying them in activities increasing brand awareness, increasing enterprise sales and profits.

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    Contract logistics

    We provide external logistics services to enterprises. Our experience and acquired knowledge enables optimisation of costs in the extent of transport and freight forwarding in every firm. We help willingly in activities, in which the principal objective is the success of your enterprise.

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    We offer the possibility of purchase of additional insurance, ensuring load protection, among others ALL RISK type insurance. Due to which, a load transported by us is fully protected against all eventualities.

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    Operating in the territory of Europe and several countries beyond Europe, we operate in a multilingual environment. We offer professional translation of documents, certificates and official documents. We work with the best translators.

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    Knowledge concerning international cooperation is currently essential in the conduct of foreign business; therefore Inter-Logistic Polska also offers training connected with the exchange of goods in international markets. In our opinion it is worth broadening one’s horizons and becoming aware of the secrets of international business.

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    At the wish of a client, we are able to rent storage space for specific loads. We offer modern class A warehouse buildings with the possibility of high stacking within the Silesian conurbation and also in the provinces of Lower Silesia, Lesser Poland and Subcarpathia.