• Firma transportowa Inter Logistic Polska

    About us

    We are a freight forwarding company operating in the transport, forwarding and logistics sector since 1999. We undertake the organisation of whole vehicle, oversize, ADR hazardous goods and part loads equally all over Europe, including the countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States, and also in the more distant parts of Russia.

    Useful documents

  • Kadra doświadczonych kierowców i koordynatorów transportu


    A team of professionals, who continuously react to the needs of our clients, offering innovative forwarding-logistics solutions. We perfect the offered services in order to satisfy even the most demanding clients. We are fluent in foreign languages and continuously enhance our qualifications and participate actively in TSL training and courses.

  • Odpowiedzialny biznes w branży Transport Spedycja Logistyka

    Business responsibility

    Responsible business is our chosen strategy, which considers the social, ethical and ecological aspects of commercial activity. Business is conducted on the basis of open communication with employees, clients, the local community and the entire adjacent environment. Our obligations to the world surrounding us extend beyond the TSL sector; therefore we invest in people and also in culture and sport.

  • Firma spedycyjna godna zaufania - Inter Logistic


    Our mission is the provision of services of the highest quality, due to which our clients obtain a competitive advantage and recognition among their contracting counterparts. Performance of the above-mentioned tasks takes place with the provision of professional and comprehensive client service in the extent of the organisation of domestic and international transport with logistics advisory service.